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Jason. 22. New York. I'm just a guy who loves trucks, guns, the outdoors and food.The simple life and I'll be ok.
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if you can’t appreciate the genuine humanity in this video i can’t fuck with you

Haha this was great

Anonymous said: there still is a wage gap you idiot


No, there actually isnt. Its a myth. Women are paid the same amount as men for the same amount of work. There is no wage gap for the same job. Here are some more sources.




The ultimate Triumph Scrambler?


Regular posting will return friday night/saturday. Sad to see my vacations almost gone by

Tony’s uncle has been ready to sell is 97 cclb dually 7.3 for a few month now. Why didn’t we know a few months ago? I woulda bought it and single wheel swapped it to justify buying a dually lol

Now all these hot señoritas want to ride with me
I got ‘em crawling up the side of my GMC.
Country boys got my back,
Country girls on my hook.
My 30-30 shined up and she lookin’ good.
An’ someone flyin’ on my redneck roots,
knocking my gold belt buckle and my snake skin boots.
But I’m in it to win it so place your bets
and tell the whole world that I’m the Honky Tonk Kid.

International Harvester 240 Utility with Keely front loader

International Harvester 240 Utility with Keely front loader