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Jason. 21. New York. I'm just a guy who loves trucks, guns, the outdoors and food. Just the simple life.
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17” pickerel. First fish of the season


17” pickerel. First fish of the season


Throw a shoe and miss Hillary Clinton and face 2 years in federal prison.


Murder innocent children with drone strikes and receive a Nobel Prize.


Sell Bitcoin and face 20 years in prison.


Lose $6 Billion of taxpayer money and front run for US Presidency



Remember ladies: it doesn’t matter how you do on your finals, as long as your future husband is doing well on his.

No, it still matters how well you do.

cerebralzero said: How do you personally define "gun nut"? and what are the negative connotations of that term in your opinion?



Someone who has a delusional obsession with weapons designed to end another human being’s life. I think some people don’t understand the seriousness of a firearm. If you’re a gun enthusiast yourself (which I assume you are) that’s your prerogative but I don’t have to personally agree.

Ah, I see so in your own definition Firearms Enthusiast/Hunter/Self Defense Advocate ≠ “Gun Nut”

The vast majority of people I have met in the gun community absolutely know how dangerous and serious firearms are.  In fact they know first hand about this.

I knew that first hand before I even picked up a gun because I grew up in a neighborhood where guns were essentially banned but my neighbor still got shot to death about 100 yards from my childhood bedroom.

I would also caution you against the “designed to end a life” argument because not only are there many firearms which are not designed to do that(target rifles, target handguns and sporting shotguns) but guns are also very rarely used for malicious purposes in the US and the vast majority of them are used recreationally. An items purpose is defined more by it’s usage than what it was originally “intended” for. 

Statistically speaking many things which are not “designed to kill” are used more commonly to kill people in the US.

In the US hammers and other blunt objects are used to kill roughly 3 times as many people as rifles are.

Cars are used to kill more than 3 times as many people as guns in general.

If your care was actually about safety I think those issues would be a higher priority but many people like your self are fixated on firearms because they have a certain mysticism about them due to the way our culture treats them in popular forms of media. But that mystism is negated by actually learning how to use them properly.